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Things you should know about safe exposure to phytonutrients.

Although phytonutrients are beneficial to health, But there is safety information that you should know before consuming it, including: Intake of phytonutrients through eating fruits and vegetables is safe for most people. and help build strong overall health. Because in addition. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in vitamins,

Risks from consuming kimchi

Although kimchi is made from vegetables, Gives little energy and appears to be useful in many ways But it cannot be denied that consuming kimchi will not cause any side effects because both studies and household consumption have reported the same health effects from consuming kimchi.  The main

Probiotics may also help with weight loss.

Many people may be surprised and never know that probiotics may also help with weight loss. Although probiotics do not directly cause weight loss, But this property is no less interesting. One study divided 114 people into two groups: one group took a probiotic supplement and the other

Zucchini and fighting free radicals.  

Zucchini is a vegetable that is commonly used in cooking. It is believed that zucchini may have many benefits for the body. Such as having antioxidant effects. Treats sinusitis, cataracts, and skin allergies. Luffa fibers obtained from dried zucchini fruits are also used to scrub the body during bathing. To