Techniques for playing roulette

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How to play roulette using the roulette formula how to play for money This article will be the answer for you for sure. The technique of playing that we will present you this time. I have to say that this is only to increase the winning percentage. However, you need to analyze and be patient in using this formula to get results.

repeating formula

Wait for the repeat, for example. The even number has been drawn 5 times. The next turn is recommend to play odd numbers 25 baht. If you lose, you bet on the next odd number. By betting on 50, 100, 200, 400 baht until it’s right. Wait to start a new game. by giving out even numbers or odd numbers Out consecutively again, or can this technique be applied? Applies to the characteristics of bets on the black-red and high-low of the roulette numbers.

alternating play technique

Switching out means having an alternating issue such as red alternating with black or alternating high and low. If there are 4-6 consecutive alternating exits, the chances that the next turn will switch again is quite low. If you can’t figure it out Can you try tossing a coin? to be able to switch out how many times in a row recommend the next eye To repeat the previous stab, for example, if it is played out at black / red / black / red / black / red /, that is, repeat the red stab one more time.

horizontal trap technique

This technique recommends that you look at the past statistics along with from 3-7 eyes to see which row has the most frequent results. For example, the results that come back in the 2nd
/  3rd rd /2nd rows are  equal to the next turn. All traps in rows 2 and 3 are place horizontally all the same amount.

  • If the bet result is in the 2nd and 3rd rows of horizontal numbers, you win.
  • If the result occurs in row 1, then it is a bad move, switch to rows 3 and 1 instead and double down.

2 way trap betting formula

Look back at the statistics of high bets (19-36) and low bets (1-18). See which ones are issued more than 3 times in a row. Let you place the next eye on the opposite side of the adjacent ones, such as exit. Low 3 times, the next turn to stab high. Because the design has been add several times. In a row There is very little chance of the original design. But it’s not that there is no way out of the same number.

Therefore, should bet high with any 1 row, such as bet on the 1st row and bet high, if it comes out but the number is not in the 1st row, the person is equal, but if the number is issued in the 1st row but is not high, you will profit from play this time will give an example for you to understand more

  • Low bet 50 baht and down at 1st, invest 50 baht, total capital 100 baht if the result is 5, which number 5 is in the low category number. But it’s not the number in the 1st, it means that you will get 100 baht, return the capital.
  • If exiting 19 which is in the 1st row but in the high number category That means that you will get 150 baht. After deducting the capital, it means that this game has a profit of 50 baht.
  • But if 7 is issued. It means that it is a low category number and is in the 1st row. It means that you will get 250 baht. deduct 100 baht in capital, and leave a profit of 150 baht.

For the divine roulette formula. If you still do not know how to play It is recommend. That you choose to play either black or red bets or choose either high bets or low bets. to understand how to play one by one when I started to understand Gradually study the roulette formula to make real money. from us and apply Believe that you will win more bets than random bets. ทางเข้า UFABET