How to play poker well, how to play like a pro

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I will talk about how to play poker well. Playing poker may not be difficult. But playing well is not easy at all. In addition to relying on the moon Reading the situation, psychology and strategy, there are also many calculations in order to take into account our decision whether to continue playing or not. Is it worth betting? This article will explain in detail. to play well And to be good, what do we have to do? Let’s get started

and for newbies who are interested in starting poker I recommend reading a basic understanding of poker. At this article first. ทางเข้า UFABET

How to play poker well. What should I do?

In order to play well, besides learning the rules and how to play well, we also need to be careful. and practice calculating the sum of cards quickly This is a skill that takes time and practice because knowing the principles of playing well will have results. But the real game is very different. Both the pressure and the time. The more we play for real money, the pressure and our worries will double. causing us to put too much pressure on ourselves and eventually play which techniques The things that need to be practiced are as follows:

Intro - How to play poker well
How to play poker well

Know the basic rules of poker game.

knowing the rules It’s the most important thing. Of course, if we don’t know the rules or the rules of play that are clear, we cannot play Because poker doesn’t just use real luck. whether the points of the cards or arranging the cards, we need to know how to arrange the cards Give the hand the highest score. because if you know it’s not true No matter how good the cards in your hand are You could easily lose and lose.

Basic of Poker - How to Play Poker Well
Poker Fundamentals – How to Play Poker Well

for example Some people may think that Straight (different numbered) cards are big cards. In fact, there are many different types of cards that are bigger than this. that may be out in that eye Although it seems like the chances are quite low, the Royal Flush tile (biggest card has a chance of only 0.0000015%) has already come out. So let’s memorize the order of the cards for me.

and for the rules, regulations and methods of playing poker I have already written in this article. I recommend it. that if you don’t know the rules of poker well enough You should not miss these two articles. Click to read it. Poker rules and how to play poker

Learn more playing techniques.

In addition to how to play the basics Techniques for playing, we should study more. Because it is something that we will use to increase our chances of winning more. I will recommend as follows.

Technique - How to play poker well
Playing Techniques – How to Play Poker Well

Don’t try to play every round. 

If you ask why Because the cards that will come into our hands are not always good cards. We have to decide to discard the card if it really sucks. Play only when we think we have a chance to win. and play tactically If our cards are very good, we need to gradually deceive and not get too high. but be careful Maybe it’s not you with the biggest cards.

Don’t overvalue Suit cards (same suit).

Don’t expect the same suit and expect Flush (5 cards of the same suit) even though the card value is not high at all, for example, the 2 cards in your hand are 4( ♠) and 6(♠) and then expect 3 more cards to be dealt on the table of the same suit, which is a very low chance. In fact, we should fold instead because the cards are very low. Even if a pair of cards is issued, the score is low anyway. Or you can wait to see. When the first 3 cards are dealt (flop) first.

Study the probabilities of Poker 

from point 2. The probability is quite low. Therefore, we should also study that What size cards are there a chance of getting out? Let’s study the subject Probability of Poker from this article. It will help make decisions on your betting table much easier.

Playing position or position 

is important. Because the playing position is useful in observing other players. How many competitors are left? and used to look at the behavior of other players Before deciding to discard or continue playing, you can learn more about playing positions in the article Poker Positions .

Poker face (Poker face)  

is to make different facial expressions or to keep other players from reading us what kind of cards we have, for example, some people may make a face. or a little irritability may show that his cards are not big but good players You know this. Be careful, it might just be a scam.

Choose a card to start playing well. 

If it starts with a bad card You shouldn’t play or call (bet accordingly) while expecting a good card to come into your hand, so if the card is too low, fold it.

Play calmly, wait for the cards 

when there is a good level of cards. When the first 3 cards (flops) are dealt and there are still no cards needed But think there’s a percentage to come. then wait But if other players seem to have bigger cards than ours then let it fold

Don’t overinvest in cards that you think will “come” too much,  as you will expect the desired card to come out after the first 3 cards (flops) are dealt.