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Napoli targeting centre-back Scalvini as Kim’s replacement.

Napoli are interested in Atalanta centre-back Giorgio Scalvini. As a replacement for Kim Min-Jae, who has been linked with a move to Manchester United. Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport reports that. Napoli have started their search for a new centre-back this summer. And impressed with the

Ex-Juve doctor suggests Pogba should forget about vacation.

Former Juventus doctor Paul Pogba should spend his summer holiday recovering from a recent problem. Pogba made his first start of the 2022-23 season. Or since moving from Manchester United, for the second time back to Juventus. In the Bianconeri’s 2-0 win over Cremonese. But

Tillman accepts 50-50 chance to sign Rangers permanently.

Malik Tillman the young midfielder for the United States national football team. Accept the opportunity to move from Bayern Munich to stay with Rangers permanently, still 50-50. Tillman joined Rangers on loan for the 2022-23 season with an option to buy after that. The 20-year-old midfielder

How to bet on Esports in Thailand

I would like to emphasize here to understand that online Esports betting You’re not actually playing an esports game , it’s a bet on which player will win. Most of them have 4 popular playing styles: Money Line, Handicap, Over/Under, and In-Game Prediction. by the following is Esports betting guide that you can

esport betting online sports betting that is popular now

Bet on esport in online betting sites esport betting What is esport betting and why is it a very hot trend in today’s era? Call betting in the past. We often hear talks about. But the story of various sports betting. Whether it is in the form of

playing Poker with other players

Because poker is not played alone, how to play poker well, we need to look. and study other players along the way and leverage techniques come to fight The more information we have We can only play better. I’ll explain it one by one. สมัคร UFABET Think of a card in

How to play poker well, how to play like a pro

I will talk about how to play poker well. Playing poker may not be difficult. But playing well is not easy at all. In addition to relying on the moon Reading the situation, psychology and strategy, there are also many calculations in order to take into account our

Techniques for playing roulette

How to play roulette using the roulette formula how to play for money This article will be the answer for you for sure. The technique of playing that we will present you this time. I have to say that this is only to increase the winning percentage. However, you need

How To Play Roulette And What Are The Roulette Betting Forms?

How to bet on roulette is not difficult. Even people who have never played it can easily understand. With up to 10 different types of bets, in each bet of the online roulette game, There will be different betting methods. For those who do not know how to place