Risks from consuming kimchi

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Although kimchi is made from vegetables, Gives little energy and appears to be useful in many ways But it cannot be denied that consuming kimchi will not cause any side effects because both studies and household consumption have reported the same health effects from consuming kimchi. 

The main side effects are bloating, diarrhea, and food poisoning. The cause of these side effects may be from unclean processing. This causes germs to become contaminated and grow during the fermentation process. Improper storage Although these symptoms do not usually cause serious harm in people, But these side effects can cause serious harm in people with weakened immune systems. People at risk should avoid this type of food ทางเข้า ufabet

Although studies show that kimchi contains a variety of nutrients, and can help reduce blood pressure But on the contrary, there are still conflicts in this matter. This is because cooking fermented foods often requires a large amount of sodium. Which sodium causes blood pressure to rise. and may increase the risk of chronic disease People who are at risk of these diseases or have chronic diseases should control their daily sodium intake.

Finally, kimchi is a healthful food when eaten in the right amount. And you should buy kimchi that is in appropriate packaging, not cracked, leaked, or torn. It has a production date and an expiration date. And buy from stores that have freezers because these germs are often not resistant to heat. But if you consume kimchi and abnormalities occur, you should see a doctor.