Fatty liver mask, need to reduce fat or carbohydrates?

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Fatty liver mask, need to reduce fat or carbohydrates?

A disease that comes with weight gain every day, it is inevitable that obesity. fat clogged arteries and fatty liver that many people are fighting this terrible disease. If you hear from the name of the disease Probably understand that it’s because you have too much “fat” So try to reduce oily food. Seriously, is it really the right way? Let’s see the answer at https://ufabet999.com

What is fatty liver?

Fatty liver is a condition in which the liver has more fat than usual. which causes chronic hepatitis And may lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer in the long term.

What is the cause of fatty liver?

1. Drink alcohol

2. Overweight, obese, metabolic diseases such as diabetes , high blood pressure, blood lipids Patients tend to have abdominal obesity.

How can fatty liver treat?

I saw the name of the disease as fatty liver. So many people set their eyes on fat loss. Then turn to eat more fruits and vegetables instead. Which is not the wrong way. But it’s not 100% accurate. and then turn to eat a lot of food instead, the more mistakes go into each other

Because really, the food that should be reduced is a type of carbohydrate food And very sweet foods such as white rice, rambutan, durian, longan, soft drinks, sweet drinks, sweet coffee should turn to brown rice. Fruits and vegetables that are bland, lots of fiber, black coffee without sugar. or very little sugar

Fat should still reduce. But it’s not as important as cutting carbohydrates. fried food Or high in animal fat such as pork leg, fried chicken, fried pork should still be reduced as I understand.

however Instead of focusing on reducing fat intake Carbohydrates such as flour, sugar, and butter should be reduced more so that you don’t get fat. and do not increase the fat that is masked in the liver If in the early stages Modifying your eating habits will be more effective than taking medication. Then, let’s arrange a new meal this evening.