Trick to apply makeup hide dark circles under the eyes smoothly.

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Eyes that look dark Makes you look worn out like a sick person No matter how you put on makeup, you won’t be beautiful. The main cause is not getting enough rest. and the body is dehydrat This will go away on its own if you get plenty of rest. And drink more water The other cause comes from genetics. In families where adults have dark circles under their eyes It is always pass on to the next generation as well. Anyone who is experiencing the problem of dark circles under the eyes And rest and drinking water still do not relieve the symptoms. You may have to turn to makeup to help camouflage this annoying problem instead.

Use an ice compress first: Under the eyes that are often swollen, worn out, and not bright, use ice to wake them up first. By wrapping ice in a soft cloth Then put it around your eyes. Ice will help refresh tired eyes, สมัคร ufabet, reduce puffiness under the eyes, and make concealer easier to blend.

Apply eye cream so the skin doesn’t wrinkle: Then apply eye cream lightly. To keep the skin around the eyes moisturized Both under the eyes and on the eyelids By applying eye cream and massaging gently. Let the eye cream absorb and nourish. Then leave it for the cream to work for a while. before starting the next step.

A corrector is an indispensable thing: Corrector is a makeup base that has various colors. To use color theory to correct different skin flaws. By simple principles is the use of opposite colors. To erase the problems that we have. Like under the eyes that are dark. We will use an orange corrector to cover up the dark spots. Apply under the eyes to cover dark spots completely. But you don’t have to blend it into the skin. I repeat! That you don’t have to spread it out. Just wave it down. And leave it behind.

Concealer that brightens the skin: After installing the corrector Then wait for it to stick to the surface for a moment. You can apply concealer in a color that is lighter than your skin. Choose a color that is just 1 shade lighter than your skin tone. If it’s too bright, it can look fake! By waiting for the concealer to adhere to the skin first. Then gradually Use your fingers or a sponge to press down to spread smoothly. Try not to blend the concealer and corrector together. Otherwise, the color will be distort and it won’t close smoothly. This process is gradual. Make it as calm as possible. It will definitely cover dark circles under your eyes smoothly.

Must be set with loose powder every time: After the concealer has set Use loose powder under the eyes and leave it on. So that the concealer doesn’t fall off during the day. Then proceed with the rest of the makeup steps as usual. When you’re finish, brush off the dust from under your eyes. This will cover dark circles under your eyes smoothly, like a makeup artist has done it for you!