Benefits of vitamin K can help make your skin beautiful.

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Many people may already know that Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C help nourish the skin to be healthy. But you may not know yet. Vitamin K is also beneficial for the skin. Is found in many types of vegetables, such as spinach, spinach, kale , basil, celery. In addition to helping to nourish bones, heal wounds, it also helps create protein that is necessary for blood clotting. Benefits and skin health What are those?

Protect the skin from losing its elasticity: Wrinkles on the cheeks and skin that begins to lose its firmness It is a sign that the skin is beginning to lose its elasticity. This is because the matrix proteins that maintain the skin’s elasticity begin to disappear, but vitamin K can slow down this process. It can prolong the time for beautiful, UFABET, firm skin.

Reduce dark circles under the eyes: Anyone who doesn’t sleep late Not allergic But under the eyes it was still as dark as a panda. This may be because you have poor blood circulation in that area. Try applying eye cream that contains vitamin K regularly. It can help reduce dark circles under the eyes from this cause.

Eliminate scars and blemishes on the skin: With the properties of vitamin K Can help with bruises, small wounds, stretch marks, burns, and varicose veins.

Solve the problem of blood clots: When there are bruises Capillaries may tear and flows and accumulates in blotches under the skin until visible as blue-purple to black spots. These symptoms can gradually disappear on their own. But it takes a long time. But if you apply a cream containing vitamin K go down regularly. It will help the blood that accumulates inside dissolve. And dark spots on the skin will disappear more quickly.

Have you seen the benefits of vitamin K on your skin yet? Both help reduce dark circles under the eyes. Reduce skin problems with spots and blemishes due to poor blood circulation. It also helps maintain the skin’s elasticity. Knowing this, you must pay attention to eating foods that contain vitamin K as well.